A disruptive new model to
Think, Build & Scale
Software Companies​
We incubate and scale-up B2B SaaS companies by bringing together an ecosystem of Enterprises, Investors & Entrepreneurs. Our model leverages the Frugal Innovation methodology, co-developed with Jaideep Prabhu, Professor at University of Cambridge.​
We collaborate with enterprises to nurture business ideas into viable solutions​
We build standalone companies from products built in collaboration with enterprises
We exponentially grow these software companies through our unique scale-up model​
Vision 2030
50 Software Companies
50 Successful Entrepreneurs
10 IPOs
Our Business Model​
We collaborate with enterprises to nurture business ideas into viable products and then spin out standalone companies from these products. We are uniquely placed to enable success for these companies as our approach is ‘market first’, where the products are validated upfront by the enterprises. This ensures that the product crosses the infamous hurdle of market adoption and is primed for scaling up.​​
Are you an Enterprise Innovation Leader?
We work with innovation & leadership teams in enterprises to incubate niche products and then spin out standalone companies that are jointly owned by the enterprise and Nuivio Ventures. These companies give enterprises the option to monetize the jointly built products with a revenue generation plan from Nuivio.​
Are you a B2B SaaS Startup?​
We fund B2B startups which have a market ready product and at least one paying customer. We typically work with SaaS startups focussed on the North America and European markets. In addition to funding, we work closely with our startups on sales, finance & ops for exponential growth.​
Are you a Startup Investor?​
We are creating a startup funding ecosystem in US & UK, enabling investors looking to invest into B2B SaaS with a platform to invest at scale. We have a dedicated team regularly scouting and identifying innovative B2B SaaS startups for funding. We also do in-depth technical and business due diligence of the startups before funding which may reduce the risks traditionally associated with startup investing.
Our Portfolio & Success Stories
Our companies help accelerate Corporate Innovation with a focus on Digital Economy